Everyone in the Dianox team joined to make an impact on global health. Due to the increasing uncertainty in the world, we will face even more complex challenges in diagnostics in the future. In order to address these challenges, we rely on creativity and humble curiosity to link scientific developments with real-world applications. We are driven by our purpose of providing access to diagnostic testing to those left in the dark.

We use ethically sourced materials, meaning there is no animal testing in our laboratories. Unlike the majority of conventional diagnostic companies that rely on materials grown on horses, rabbits, and other cute animals. Transitioning away from animal testing is central to achieving a more humane society, and it allows us to address sustainability in diagnostics.

Our Values

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Elevate human health
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Make a difference
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Have a clear purpose
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Focus on continuity
Dianox picture of CEO - Huram Konjen

We want you in the driver’s seat of your own health journey. Nobody cares about your health like you.

HURAM KONJEN, Chief Executive Officer

Our test gives you a full health screening. There is no other product like this on the market.

CHRISTIAN CODE, Chief Technology Officer
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Dianox picture of Manager - Ilina Ivanova

We are much more than a diagnostics company. Our purpose is helping people improve their lives.

ILINA IVANOVA, Community Manager
Research & Development

We work with talented scientists from all over the world and capture insights from breakthrough biotechnologies to develop diagnostics.

Community building

Dianox shares educational information about health and disease prevention through social media channels.