Partnership with Rigshospitalet

Dianox teams up with the Department of Molecular Medicine at Rigshospitalet for assay development of testing device.

This research collaboration presents a great opportunity for synergy. Rigshospitalet's experience in assay development complements Dianox' expertise in designing devices. Dianox will allocate an R&D Scientist to work at the Molecular Medicine laboratory to fully utilize the depth of experience available at Rigshospitalet.

Clinical Professor Peter Garred leads the group of 10 researchers at Rigshospitalet, and for the past 20 years he has investigated molecular genetics of the complement system in general and the lectin pathway in particular. Peter has years of experience in leading research and education at a high level with insights into translational clinical research. He is also connected with a large network of scientists and clinicians at local, national and international levels. Peter's group was among the first in Denmark to produce a test for COVID-19.

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