€45.000 awarded by EU Fund

Biomarker Commercialization consortium will continue

Dianox granted €45.000 to help the Biomarker Commercialization (BIC) consortium further develop its tool in a project called BIC BRIDGE.

The BIC tool offers researchers guidance from early stages of biomarker discovery to commercial development and regulatory documentation.

BIC BRIDGEBiomarker Commercialization IVD applicable Biomarker Research and Innovation implementation Development GuidE

BIC BRIDGE is a continued project facilitating knowledge and best practice exchange to support the various phases of a commercialization process for biomarkers and to bridge the translational gap between research and clinical application.

The Project

The main challenge of biomarker commercialization is that while there is a lot of research identifying links between some biological signatures (biomarkers) with diseases or response to the treatment, less than 2% of these convert into clinical products. The initial biomarker discovery requires a substantial investment from research institutions, but the route to commercialization is incredibly difficult. The commercial skills needed for industrial development are not available in research institutions, even with a Technology Transfer Office to support commercialization of an invention.

BIC BRIDGE is a continuation of the Biomarker Commercialization Pilot. Thanks to the pilot project, the BIC consortium managed to tackle challenges specific to biomarker development and commercialization.

The objective of BIC BRIDGE is to build on the results of BIC Pilot, increase its scope, broaden its target groups and expand the reach of the BIC tool. The consortium will focus on key aspects of the tool such as usability, sustainability and impact.

The Partnership

The consortium comprises 9 partners from the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) and beyond. It consists of innovation units localized in research institutions, cluster organisations, SMEs and European Research Infrastructure Consortium across medical diagnostics, pharma and medtech.

Project Partners from across Europe:
Ideklinikken, Aalborg University Hospital (Denmark)
Wroclaw Technology Park (Poland)
BioCon Valley (Germany)
Tartu BT Park OÜ (Estonia)
University of Turku (Finland)
Turku Science Park (Finland)
Labmaster (Finland)
EATRIS (Netherlands)
Dianox (Denmark)


BIC BRDIGE is based on project outputs from the first stage project BIC Pilot. The extension stage project is running for 9 months (01.10.2020 – 30.06.2021).

€760.000 project budget.
€580.000 co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme.

For more information on biomarker commercialization visit www.biomarker.nu.

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