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Enabling diagnostic self-testing for patients

Today's diagnostic tests are too cumbersome to be utilized for endemic infectious diseases. Conventional tests have simply not been designed for scale, and cannot contain the spread of infectious diseases.
At Dianox, we are capturing insights from breakthrough biotechnologies to develop user friendly diagnostic self-tests. Our platform is based on deep biotechnology and allows us to detect several bacteria and viruses in saliva.

Our diagnostic platform is based on synthetic molecules in the form of single-stranded DNA folded into complex 3D structures. These artificially engineered molecules can bind with high affinity and specificity to pre-determined targets. A colorimetric reporter is attached to the molecules to provide a distinct visual test result.

Aptamer binding virus
A non-invasive platform for detecting infectious diseases
Employee looking a test sample

Diagnostic testing outside the laboratory

Keys advantages of artificially modified antibodies
Synthetic molecules graphic

Synthetic molecules can be designed for any target, including toxic or non-immunogenic ones.

Vector representing accuracy

Made of nucleotides that give increased binding specificity with picomolar affinity to the target.

Hexagon pattern

10x smaller than antibodies, easy to store, can be modified precisely with high batch-to-batch reproducibility.

Dianox Infographics 10 min Fastest diagnostic platform on the market
Fastest diagnostic tool on the market

Groundbreaking for commercial applications

Biomarker in test sample

Binding affinity is only part of the equation in the diagnostic process of a commercial test. Other factors such as safety, stability, binding site, shelf life, etc. are often more important. It is critical to utilize biotechnology that accounts for these factors. Synthetic DNA molecules are ideal for developing commercial diagnostic tests.

We perform a biomarker selection using our proprietary process to develop nucleic acids with backbone modifications, which improves target interaction and increases nuclease resistance. Improving conventional diagnostic biotechnologies in terms of cost, development time, and storage conditions. This makes our platform groundbreaking for commercial diagnostic tests.

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